Catering Advice for Newly Engaged Couples (or anyone in general!)

That special moment has finally happened! You have the ring now, but where to start?! We know when it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of things that need to be considered and to think about. Below I am going to list the three most common questions that couples often ask, and what we want you to know.

1) Question #1: How do we determine an overall budget that's right for us?

The best thing to do is for the couple to discuss their overall budget for the wedding and decide which components are most important to both of you. For some it can be food & beverage and for others it can be the venue, photographer or music etc. Our job as a catering company and for the events manager is to educate you as a couple on all aspects so you have a realistic vision for what you want the vision of your wedding to be and how much it will be. Do your research!

2) Question #2: How does a couple selects what food/theme they want?

Most importantly, the couple needs to decide the atmosphere and experience they want their guests to have. Do you want it to be Casual, Elegant, Fun, Rustic etc. This decision can also help you to know what your budget may be. For example, station parties are more for open seating and a causal feel with much more mingling. Station parties are also great to consider when their is a large variety of guests with different tastes or dietary restrictions. On the other hand, a seated meal would require more staff and is more expensive.

3) Question #3: What should one take into consideration when choosing a venue?

This goes for more than just couples for a wedding, but the best items to consider are what your guest count is expected to be, date availability, and the venues costs. For example, do you want everyone in one big open ballroom space or do you want something like a historic mansion which may have more restrictions, but quaint rooms for guests to spread out within? Availability, your size, budget, and an idea of what space size you are looking for will help you in selecting your venue.

Other questions to consider:

-Do you have many out of town guests? If so, maybe a hotel would better suit you and your guests needs.

-Can you bring your own caterer in or is there a built in caterer or strict catering list? For example Gatherings is a preferred caterer in the Memorial Art Gallery, George Eastman Museum, Rochester Museum and Science Center and many more! We also, are the sole caterer in our Daisy Flour Mill Location.

-Can you have your ceremony on site or would you need to select a ceremony space? What is the extra cost? Gathering's does have a $700.00 ceremony fee on side at the Daisy Flour Mill or you can do it onsite at our other catering locations we are a preferred caterer. Sometime a church or other site are desired as well!

Planning an event or wedding can be overwhelming, but I do hope this blog helps you out! Whichever venue you pick, the Catering Manager is there to help and answer any questions you have. Narrow down what it is that you and your fiance (or planning partner) are looking for and this will help you narrow down your options. Happy Planning!

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