Wedding Colors by Seasons: Part 2 Spring!

Spring Weddings can be a time thought for rebirth and the colors should reflect that. After all, the weather is becoming much nicer and the foliage is in bloom. Here is where your pastels start to come into play. For colors think more along the lines of your warm pinks, soft yellows, or corals. Also, consider your greens, whites, and creams that can give you a timeless look. Soft purples such as violet or eggplant work great as well!

March: Depending on when you get married in March it can still feel a little bit like winter and in many parts of the world, this means a good amount of rain. Therefore, it may not exactly be time for the pastel colors just yet! Some great colors to go with that are both bold and colorful in theme would be Tiffany Blue, Chiffon Yellow, and Sea foam Green. These colors pair well with both lighter and darker colors in contrast and just think of how well these colors will pair with the foliage and blooming of flowers.

April: Once we hit April, we are in full spring mode! If you want to go with pastels we suggest a soft lemon, pistachio green, or a shy blue. A mix of yellow, green, and blue are perfect for outdoor weddings. Soft lemon is light and reminds us of that springy sunlight! Pistachio has a light green reminding us of the blooming plants and greenery. Shy Blue is a perfect accent color.

Now, if we are looking to go a little bit more on the bold and unexpected side, think of color combinations such as caramel, apple red, or carrot orange. Caramel is a rustic color while apple red is a bold and vibrant spring color. Carrot orange....well that's somewhere in between. These colors work great in a rustic barn setting.

May: May is a great time of year to have a wedding not just because of the weather, but also how close it is to being Summer. You can use both Summer colors as well as, the traditional Spring colors. During May we can see a combination of some traditional and non traditional colors:

*cornflower blue:introduces us to summer

*Peony Pink: has a Springtime feel and is perfect for the season

*Lily White: Complements Greens & Lemon which is traditional Springtime colors

*Lavender: Lilac really shows the time of year and how well purples work in the season

So play around with color! Remember in recap, Spring is a time we think of pastels. Also, remember that it still can rain in the Spring, so do

n't go full on springtime until late March or early April. Start thinking summer colors when you hit May! Summer has a vibrancy in color that Spring does not have. Spring is a time to think about softer colors.

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