Wedding Colors by the Season Part 3: SUMMER!!

We know that sometimes summer brides can feel a little overwhelmed by the Summer season. Why you ask? Most cannot get past the traditional beach or garden theme they feel they must do because everyone is doing it or it's a common theme! Although this is true, remember that Summer has a vibrancy that Spring time does not have. While Spring is about softer colors, you can get quite bold in the Summer. (Think yellows & Pinks!)

June: June is a great month to play around with a mix of light and bold colors. For example, you can do colors such as shades of yellow mixed with greys. If you really want to get in there with being bold, think of jewel tones such as aquamarine, garnet or a bright quartz. Going back to the beach theme from earlier, this is okay too! Summer time is a time you think of beaches, so think of mixing turquoise with a dove grey.

July: July is the heart of Summer time! School is out, people are on vacation, and it's time to party. For this month we recommend "Solstice Colors" such as coral, peach or a Grecian (Royal Blue!) colors. The Coral hues and blue night skies remind us not just of the beach, but of the Summers of youth. Sunsets, backyard parties, relaxing at the beach or lake. Try to create nostalgia with your color palette.

August: August can be a tricky month in the sense that some people think of it as the end of Summer, but some think its already Fall time. Believe it or not, you can play around with mixing these seasons colors together! Some great colors for August are yellows, oranges, bold browns, and neutral greys.

---Yellows such as, Goldenrod, Sunflower, Saffron, or Dandelion. Remember, August is the tail end of Summer so we are beginning to think of Fall time as well. These yellow shades can we paired with white, browns, oranges, blues, and purples.

_ Orange gives us a Summer theme of Tangerine, dark Salmon, or Pumpkin. These pair well with yellow, brown, ivory, burgundy, or greens.

--- Browns should be bold like chocolate brown reminding us Fall is coming. Neutral grey fits in as well like pearl grey, dove grey, and slate. Pair these with Blues, Violets, or purples.

Just make sure all of your pairings make sense for the season! Don't pair yellows with pinks and greens which is more springtime. Overall, in Summer play around with color! Move towards bolder colors, greens still work, but start thinking of oranges and yellow hues. Towards the end of Summer/the month of August, think more fall colors. Go with those contrasting colors if you can such as these:

  • Light grey, orange, and cream

  • Medium grey, deep butter yellow, and ivory

  • Deep brown, maple red, and slate

  • Wine or burgundy, wheat, and deep or navy blue

  • Goldenrod, violet, and burgundy

  • Wine with claret accents

  • Chocolate, black, and gold

  • Forest green and brown

  • Midnight blue and orange

  • Jade, maple, and ivory

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