Wedding Colors by the Season Part 4: FALL!

Autumn is that time of year when we start to think about circling back to winter again and it's time to move into using softer and earthier hues. Start thinking about soft purples, greens, and reds (burnt orange and browns as well!). Think of mixing these colors with soft grays and silver as we head back into chillier weather. We now get to experience the beautiful and rustic feel that comes with Fall.

September: September can still have some hot, beach weather, so a mix of Fall and Summer are appropriate. This month can create some interesting color mixes (personally my favorite season!!):

  • Navy and Blush

  • Gold and teal

  • Neutral colors

  • Plum and Gray

  • Burgundy and dusty-this combination had burgundy reminding me of red wine and a rustic feel while the dusty color brings in an earthy tone.

October: During October weddings colors such as Orange and Yellows may be used, but remember that muted colors can work great as well such as muted pinks like mauve. Halloween of course it a part of the October month, but unless you want your whole theme based around this Holiday (which so cool if that's your thing!) we want to combine or use some neutral colors along with those typical orange, yellow and red fall colors. Think also of neutral colors such as gold and copper or browns on top of or in place of your typical pumpkin orange.

Lets talk Orange..... You don't need Orange pumpkins! Remember you can use different colors other than orange.

November: Many November weddings are planned with Thanksgiving in mind! Thanksgiving is bringing us back full swing into December/the major Holiday season time. Once palette you can do that gives you a fall feel yet gets a little into the winter swing is using teal, blue champagne, fuchsia, and grape. Whats great about this is the mix of muted and softer blues with a little boldness of winter.

Overall, this month is a time to think about more rustic and muted colors, embrace orange, but be creative with it, and start thinking of winter a little bit. Remember, each month brings something special to it and this can help assist in figuring out what month you want to get married in. When you pick your wedding date, pay attention to which season and which month specifically speaks to you.

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